The Lasley Family of Old Mackinac

The Lasley Family of Old Mackinac
Samuel C. Lasley, his Descendants, and their Connections: 1775 - 2015

Written by Corey C. Lasley. The Lasley Family of Old Mackinac, 2nd Edition, is a 512 page work spanning 15 years of research.

Born just one year before the United States of America declared her independence from Great Britain, Samuel C. Lasley arrived at Michilimackinac in 1796 as part of a battalion of American troops aiming to take the Island from the British. Within a couple of years, he and his wife, Rachel, settled on the Island to start a family, and would spend the rest of their lives living among one of Michigan’s most beautiful landscapes. They later established the Island’s first place of boarding, known as the “Lasley House,” and raised a large family, sending into the world respectable women and hard-working men of great entrepreneurial spirit. Most of their sons took Ojibwa and Ottawa wives and eventually also with the Menomonee and Pottawatomie. Their descendants spread across the country in ensuing generations, including (but not limited to) Wisconsin, Kansas, Iowa, North Carolina, Florida, Colorado, Oregon.

"For one person to have the dedication to delve into the past, to unearth details of how our ancestors lived, to follow where the research leads amidst discouragement and dead-ends is truly inspiring." ~ Laurel Seegert

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