Project Michilimackinac 1820

A collaborative historical book project on the families and descendants of the people listed on the Michilimackinac 1820 census

My name is Corey Lasley, a direct descendant of one of Mackinac Island's early residents (Samuel C. Lasley,) and author of the book The Lasley Family of Old Mackinac: 1775 - 2015. I am in the exploratory stages of a new potential book project in which I hope to chronicle families of the Michilimackinac region, who resided in the area during the time of the 1820 census.

I cannot do this alone! During my time researching and writing my first book, I learned quite a few things. The most notable of the lessons learned was that when researching family histories, the absolute best source of information comes from the families themselves. Very little interesting information about any given family has been recorded in available published works, that is, unless such a family has risen to some level of fame. Most information rather resides within oral traditions (or hidden away in neglected family notes and writings) of descended family members, often only in specific family branches. Finding the right people to talk to can be a daunting and frustratingly disappointing task. Unsolicited inquiries with people one has discovered to be a strong potential source of information, are more often than not, completely ignored. I have found that the right people to talk to are most often those who have a passion for family history, and/or are the keepers of writings, documents, and/or photographs passed down to them through generations.

Given the scope of this project (over 300 potential families,) I must take a different approach than I did before. I would like to know who is interested and willing to contribute if possible. Not only will this provide me with the connections needed for source material, but it will also help me to scale down the scope of the project to that which has the most interest.

The 1820 Michilimackinac Census includes the following heads of households: Samuel Abbott, John Agnew, William Aikin, Archibald Alexander, Benjamin Allen, George (A?)matingue, Antoine Archambau, Pierre Assellica, Andrew Austin, Ebenezer Ayres, Francois Badwin, Alexis Bailey, Joseph Bailey, Louis Bailey, John B. Baranias, Micheal Baranias, Samuel Barker, Micheal Bayton, Charles Beaubin, William Beaumont, Lewis Beck, Louis Bennette, John Bennith, Louis Berbier, Louis Beresaw, John Berryman, Alexander Berthianne, Daniel Berward (Berwaio?), Edward Biddle, John Biles, Phillemon Blake, Morris Blakerley, Isaac Blanchard, George Blane, Richard H. Blinn, Alexis Bodwin, Joseph Bodwin, David Boileau, Bombier, Louis Bonnier, John B. Bosthstree?, Alexis Boudrie, Joseph Boursier, Bourtiere, Francois Bouthilier, Thomas W. Bowen, George Boyd, Isaac Brady, Joseph Brisbois, Poliet Brisboy, Daniel Brown, John Brown, John Brown, S. Burr, Chauncey Bush, Micheal Busset, Alvah Cable, Alexis Cadoth, Augustine Cadotte, Poss. Calaway, George Callahan, John Campbell, John Campbell, Louis Cardinal, Niles Carlson, George Chanlee, Bela Chapman, Louis Chevalier, Pierre Cheaton, John B. Chrastier, Charles Churette, John A. Chus?, Clops, Benjamin Clapp, Andrew Clark, Louis Collame, Charles Collins, Thomas Conner, John Corway, David B. Corhain, Costen, Lewis Crawford, John B. Cridit, Ramsey Crook, Benjamin J. Cuff, John Antoine Cuguier, John Bt. Cuillot, Louis Curba, Cuttoe, Laurent Dinie, Wilson Dart, Ambrose Davenport, Ambrose Jr. Danvenport, William S. Davis, Jesse Day, Francis Decanauy, John B. Delonpi, Jean M. Doroche, Derushe, William Devost, Charles Dickey, John Dilsnoer?, Daniel Dingley, Dona, Micheal Dousman, George Douts, Duba, Louis Dubeuit, Baptist Dubois, Etienne Dubois, Samuel Dunlap, Baptist Duosice, Baptist Durenscau, Patrick Edmond, James Epey, Micheal Fable, Jabez Fable, William Farnsworth, Antoint Faubert, Jesse Fenton?, John Ferron, Cliakin Fields, Daniel Finnemore, Joseph Fontaine, Joseph A. Fontaine, Bournebint Gadupu?, Louis Gagne, Joseph Gagnior, Louis Gandy, Robert Garratt, Berthunie Gauthice, Henry G. Geaberaet, Joshua R. Gedney, Robert T. Gibson, Robertson Gibson, John Gidders, Charles Gordon, George Gordon, John Goriske, John Graham, William Graham, Almon Green, P. Gremare, John Griffin, Pierre Grinier, Alexis Gugwire, Louis Gurmon, Tunis Hagerman, Adam Hemple, Nathan Herring, Alfred Hodge, Lorin Hodge, Mary Hogan, Jean Holt, James Homer, Jousha Huffman, John Hugg, Thomas P. James, Jaques, James Johnson, Louis S. Johnson, (P?)tienne Jolieau, Samuel Jones, Francis Joy, Henry Keefer, David Kids, George W. Kinsey, George Knox, Phillip Labatt, Labay, Paul Labott, Peter Labouche, John B. Lamirand, Samuel Lasley, Edward Lebuffe, Amor Leubi, Micheal Lacroix, Antoine Laduc, Pierre Lafleur, Joseph Lemay, Simeon Lemay, Henry A. Levoke, Pierre Lipine, Perish Lorah, Francois Louiscnois, Pierre Louiscnois, Francois Luivere, Henry McBean, John McCarty, Cecelia McCullough, Felix McDonelid, Raul McGinness, William McGulpin, Barnard McKinney, Macue, Charles Marcebais, Baptist Marchana, Charles Marley, Antione Martin, Joseph Martin, Solomon Martin, John W. Master, Mateva, Richadson May, Williams Miles, Henry Miller, George Mitchell, Constant Mochant, Andrew Morin, Benjamin Morrin, Antoine Mossaie, Pierre Montes, Hugh Morrell, Morrice Motta, Peter Mulleur, Jesse Muncey, Joseph Nevea, William Nichols, Rani Niddo, Philleomn W. Norwood, Bryan O' Conner, Joseph Ollvaie, James Orr, Edward Orry, Francis Pagae, Jacques Parisian, Samuel Parker, John B. Paro, Joseph Paul, Richard Pendergrass, Lapton Percelly, Francis Petermanly, Joseph Petit, Micheal Petit, Joseph Picar, Antoine Picard, Benjamin K. Pierce, John S. Pierce, Joseph Pierce, John Plumley, Louis Poison, Bastion? Pominvelle, Joachin Pominvelle, Joseph Potviu, Louis Provansalie, Nathan Puffer, William Heny Puthoff, Joseph Quizena, James Randall, Josiah Readlion, Hipolite Recheil, Constant Relle, Paul Reoit, Samuel Rickmon, Joseph Robertson, Elijah E. Robinson, Rex/Rix Robinson, Francis Rogers, Henry Rogers, L. Rolette, Joseph Rollette, Benjamin Rupette, Thomas Sagathey, Souchong Sagissii?, Jeremiah Scanlon, Peter Scarret, Molish Secard, Joseph Secuyer, Joseph Semars, Luc Seriviere, Antoine Seroncette, Mathew Shaw, Alpheus Simkins, Charles Soin, Solrell, John A. Southerland, John Spudman, Francis St John, George Steine, John Stephens, Barnard Stone, David Stone, Jonas Stone, William Story, William Suts, John Swinsin (Swinfin?), William Sylvester, John B. Sestroe, Francois Teuckey, John B. Thele, William Thomas, Francis Thompson, William Thompson, John Toheton?, Jean Trotochian, Micheal Vaundreu, Juleiu Viette, Baptist Vincent, Benjamin Vincent, Joseph Valencourt, Jabes Waldon, Theodore Wallace, William Wallace, Elijah Warner, Lyman Warren, Truman Warren, Joseph Watson, Pierre Welsh, James White, William White, Henry Whiteman, James I. Whitte?, Josiah Willard, Charles Willcox, Elias Willegus, Thomas Williams, James Winch, Timothy Worthington.


If you have any information on the family who has descended from one of the men listed above, I would love to get in touch with you!

information that I can share.